Amarok evening


The two words definitely rhyme and this is what got the VW team interested in working with Ma’rock to promote their car. Ma’ rock are known as the guys and girls that roam the streets dressed in leather pants, boots, chains and leather hats. Over and above, they are identified by their distinctive walk and roaring. Their walk and roar definitely signifies a beast and that’s the AMAROK.

VW Autohouse got an opportunity to work with Aldo Brincat on a photo-shoot that involved Ma’rock and the Amarok. The concept of the shoot was demons of draught vs angels of rain, where models were dressed as brides.

This was followed by an exhibition opening at one of the exclusive venues in Gaborone, sky lounge. The exhibition was well attended and everyone was just amazed at the work of art.

Click on the link below to view a video of the event.



IMG_7499   IMG_7512 IMG_7516   IMG_7521 IMG_7559   IMG_7561 IMG_7598    IMG_7603


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