Caddy Maxi Trendline DSG

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The Caddy Maxi Trendline DSG.

The freedom to keep moving and the ability to be involved in all that life has to offer and reach one’s full potential does not need to be impeded or prevented through a physical disability. The determination and incredible strength so often demonstrated by those who have overcome an enormous challenge to conquer a disability should not be held back by limitations such as a vehicle that cannot accommodate different impairments and needs.

The Caddy Maxi Trendline DSG, featuring an wheelchair platform* at the rear, can accommodate a wheelchair passenger and retains 5 seats. The cut and lowered floor provides ample headroom for a wheelchair user inside the vehicle and features an anti-slip surface. Easy access is provided via a foldable aluminium ramp (with a gas spring) and an electro-hydraulic suspension that lowers the body of the vehicle, thus reducing the gradient of the ramp. It comes standard with a four-point restraint system to secure the wheelchair and the occupant. The optional swivel headrest and back support are additional safety features to prevent whiplash, particularly for wheelchairs with limited support.

The conversion was developed by AMF Bruns, in Germany, but can also be completed by Shoprider in South Africa as they have a letter of no objection from AMF Bruns.
Offering the chance to go anywhere and do anything, the Caddy Maxi Trendline DSG provides the ideal conversion platform for passengers and drivers with mobility impairments. Contact Autohaus Gaborone today to find out more.

Image is for illustrative purposes only and vehicle specifications may differ.

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