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Volkswagen introduces Golf GTI derivative with enhanced performance

Volkswagen has expanded the best-selling Golf GTI offering with an introduction of the new derivative, Golf GTI Performance Pack. The Golf model range’s performance derivatives, Golf GTI and Golf R account for about 60% of the total monthly sales of the seventh generation Golf in South Africa.

More power. The Golf GTI Performance Pack delivers 169 kW (7 more kW than the standard Golf GTI). It is also powered by a two-litre turbocharged direct-injection petrol engine (TSI) used in the Golf GTI with 162 kW of power. Both derivatives have similar torque of 350 Newton Meters. The top speed is 248 km/h and the 0-100km/h sprint is reached in 6.4 seconds. The engine is fitted with the Stop/Start system which helps it to attain a respectable combined fuel consumption of 6.4 l/100 km (CO2: 149 g/km).

DSG and DCC as standard. For a sporty and dynamic driving experience, the Golf GTI Performance Pack is only offered with DSG transmission. Furthermore, Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is available as a standard feature. The DCC system adaptively regulates the damper valves via a control algorithm which sets the damper characteristic.The second generation DCC offers three driving modes “Comfort”, “Normal” and “Sport”. In “Sport” mode, damping is increased (which further reduces movements of the body structure) and engine response and shift points of the DSG are configured to be even more dynamic.

Front Differential Lock. A newly engineered electronic front differential lock is being used exclusively in the Golf GTI Performance Pack. Compared to purely mechanical locks, the front differential lock integrated in the Golf GTI Performance Pack offers advantages such as a variable degree of locking and comprehensive interfaces to the ESC, EDS and XDS+ functions. This makes it possible to completely avoid negative effects on steering response and steering precision that otherwise occur with mechanical locks. As a result, the system realises the full potential and maximum performance of a differential lock with regard to vehicle dynamics, because comfort is not impaired under any circumstances. The front differential lock operates without any power losses here, so that the power produced by the engine is transferred 100 per cent to the road and is fully available to propel the GTI. The electronic front differential lock utilises a multi-plate unit located between the right side driveshaft and the differential case. The hydraulic pressure needed to actuate the plates is generated by an electric motor driven piston pump. The locking moment that is generated here is proportional to the hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic pressure is controlled by the pump speed that is prescribed by a control module. This control module takes numerous parameter inputs – such as wheel speed, vehicle speed, yaw rate and transverse acceleration – and computes the ideal locking moment. If the control module detects wheel slip at one of the front wheels, the plates are actuated to redistribute the drive torque from the wheel with the lower grip level to the wheel with the higher level. The maximum locking moment is 1,600 Nm, so that if necessary all of the drive torque can be directed to just one front wheel; that corresponds to a locking value of 100 per cent. This produces maximum traction for a front-wheel drive vehicle, even under difficult roadway conditions and in turning situations. When accelerating out of a bend, the drive torque is increased at the wheel on the outside of the bend. This produces an asymmetrical drive torque distribution that matches the dynamic wheel load distribution. This is known as a “torque vectoring effect” which reduces acceleration-related understeer. As a result, the Golf GTI Performance Pack handles neutrally and precisely tracks along the ideal line. The existing grip level is optimally exploited. This lets the driver apply much greater force to the accelerator pedal at the apex of a bend, which in turn results in significantly higher speed exit speeds of the Golf GTI Performance Pack out of bends.
Exterior features. On the exterior, the Golf GTI Performance Pack differs from the GTI with 162 kW by its red GTI logo at the back, distinctive GTI logo on the front brake callipers and larger internally-ventilated brake discs (front: 340 mm, rear: 310 mm).

Optional features. The Golf GTI Performance Pack can be customised with a number of optional features. These features include Bi-Xenon headlights, Discover Pro Radio with satellite navigation system, Light Assist with dynamic main beam control, DYNAUDIO Excite sound system, Keyless Access – keyless locking and engine starting system, panoramic tilt sunroof, mobile device interface Media-In with iPod/iPhone adapter cable, Park Distance Control (front & rear), Park Assist, Rear Assist and towbar unit (swivelling).


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