Journey of hope

Journey of Hope!

Giving is one of the greatest things that can be seen and felt. This is what journey of hope lives for.

The pink ladies, as popularly known are a group of ladies, some cancer survivors that have dedicated themselves to creating awareness about BREAST CANCER. They go around the country with nurses educating and examining both men and women about the disease. They normally target remote areas where there is limited information and education about the cancer.

The annual journey has seen a number of sponsors that help greatly to the success of the initiative; these sponsors include Barloworld Motor Retail, Avis, Bank Gaborone, Auto Amour and Komatsu. Barloworld Motor Retail has for the past years been the transport sponsor of this amazing course, giving out cars from each brand. One can never miss the cars on the road as they are covered in pink to match the pink scooters. A lot of fun is also incorporated in the journey as the crew gets to play with the kids at the local clinics and primary schools. When it’s all done, the crew looks forward to a big welcome home party!

This year’s journey was focused in the northern side of the country and next year, the journey continues…

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