Valentine’s Day Fun with VW Gaborone

VW Gaborone had a lot of fun with its Valentine’s day promotion.

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance as we call it, Valentine’s Day was grandly celebrated by VW in Style at Riverwalk Shopping Centre in Gaborone. This day falls on the 14th   every year but we started on the 12th and is one of the most awaited days among all occasions that celebrate relationships.

The shopping centre was very busy, VW had its wonderful display there of the Golf SV and the Beetle. The team was dressed quiet the part with their red T shirts. We had red roses and chocolates to share love the Volkswagen way…. Had a draw here and there with goodies to give away but the most fun part was that we had white board makers in black and red to write loved ones messages on the white Golf SV….. This was the best part! We shared love the way we know how, we had mad fun.


IMG-20160212-WA0006     IMG-20160212-WA0007

IMG-20160215-WA0001     IMG-20160215-WA0002

IMG-20160215-WA0003     IMG-20160215-WA0004


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